I-Jay Jackson shares his review on BROTHERMAN: REVELATION the Graphic Novel - Book One

BROTHERMAN REVELATION! This is not just a graphic novel... It is a work of art—and perhaps something BIGGER! It is thoughtfully and eloquently written powerfully illustrated and masterfully colored. Mr. Guy Sims has a distinctly poetic and engaging writing style—a master painter of words. Dawud Anyabwile's detailed and gritty visuals and Brian McGee's colors combine perfectly, creating a time warp that landed me squarely in the era of the 1960's through early 1970's. (I could hear classic songs such as "Lean on me" And "That's the way love goes.." as I read certain parts. REAL TALK!) BROTHERMAN Revelation! Culturally encouraging, relevant and important! It is a realistic depiction of a black man awakening to find his purpose—and then walking in it—even if he is misunderstood by those closest to him!

I am excited to find out what will happen in book 2! Despite the shocking ending to this first installment, I have a feeling that "Everything is gonna be alright!"