Join us at the 2017 Black Comic Book Festival in NYC.

When: January 13-14

Time: 10am-7pm

Where: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
515 Malcolm X Blvd
New York, NY 10037

Cost: Free!

You will need to rsvp at the Schomburg's eventbrite page to attend. Register here for free!

We will have a limited number of signed BROTHERMAN REVELATION graphic novels.
See you there!




Brotherman Revelation Graphic Novel Review by Jimmie L Simpson
Co Creator/ Illustrator – Baba Dawud Anyabwile
Co Creator/ Writer – Guy A. Sims
Master Colorist – Brian McGee

I'm not a pro reviewer in the slightest sense and everyone's unique experience varies from one person to the next. This is a review of my unique reading experience for the BMR Graphic Novel. From the excitement of the package having arrived, waiting for me after I got off work, to the point I opened the envelope and pulled it out, I knew this was going to be a comic readers treat for myself. Especially knowing that people who look like me, created this wonderful work of art, only added to the experience.

Without giving any plots away. The BMR Graphic Novel had action, drama, suspense and most importantly, a good plot with meaning. It told a good story that captivated my attention and touched my heart to remind me of what really matters in life, like for instance, moral responsibilities, being your brothers keeper, caring about your community and doing what it takes to make a change echos through out this book. I enjoyed getting to know the two main protagonists and the interesting characters who played their part in the events that took place in Big City.

Laying my eyes upon the book, I noticed the cover art was banging. The line art style and color scheme were well done. This style is consistent through out the whole book. Looking at the cover art created a sense of adventure and made me more interested and compelled me to explore the Brotherman Universe. There was a tough, urban gritty feel to it. In fact, the art direction for that cover piece helped to set the tone for my journey into Big City. The back cover art stands on it's own as well. Contextually, it gives a chilling whisper to the reader. Love how that was done.

The prologue was creative. It started off with a flier for an upcoming event. That was a nice touch. The presentation of the main protagonists and two tone color style to present the back-story to the origin of Brotherman was a good choice. I love the nostalgic feeling it created. From there, the smooth transition into the lively colorful world of Big City was eye candy in a cool sort of way. The comic panel design and layout was done very well in my opinion. I wasn't confused or lost in keeping up with the flow of art and text boxes. It was cohesive in that regard. It all blended well with the mix of full page illustrations mimicking well placed camera angles. Really loved that.

I enjoyed reading this graphic novel. The story and plot was on point. I feel honored and happy to own a copy of The Brotherman Revelation Graphic Novel. I certainly look forward to the sequels to come. Shout out to Dawud Anyabwile, Guy Sims and Brian McGee. God bless and continue to prosper you all in your comic creation and the artistic craftsmanship you produce together as a team with a crystal clear focus and a single mind to succeed.

I-Jay Jackson shares his review on BROTHERMAN: REVELATION the Graphic Novel - Book One

BROTHERMAN REVELATION! This is not just a graphic novel... It is a work of art—and perhaps something BIGGER! It is thoughtfully and eloquently written powerfully illustrated and masterfully colored. Mr. Guy Sims has a distinctly poetic and engaging writing style—a master painter of words. Dawud Anyabwile's detailed and gritty visuals and Brian McGee's colors combine perfectly, creating a time warp that landed me squarely in the era of the 1960's through early 1970's. (I could hear classic songs such as "Lean on me" And "That's the way love goes.." as I read certain parts. REAL TALK!) BROTHERMAN Revelation! Culturally encouraging, relevant and important! It is a realistic depiction of a black man awakening to find his purpose—and then walking in it—even if he is misunderstood by those closest to him!

I am excited to find out what will happen in book 2! Despite the shocking ending to this first installment, I have a feeling that "Everything is gonna be alright!"


The Harlem Black Comic Book Festival and the San Francisco Black Comics Arts Festival served as launch pads for the introduction of what may be one of the most anticipated graphic novels in history! The Brotherman Revelation Graphic Novel - Book One has literally been in a state of "suspended animation" for 19 years since the last installment of Brotherman #11 was released in 1996.

Fans from all walks of life have shown solidarity in their support of this new production that is the brainchild of real life brothers Guy A. Sims (writer) and Dawud Anyabwile fka David Sims (Illustrator). These two have been joined by the incredibly talented Brian McGee who added depth and dimension to the series with his ethereal and surreal color combinations that take the reader further into this immensly populated mythological universe called BIG CITY.

Thank you to fans from long ago to those who have just discovered this venture!




Thank you to all of our Campaign Supporters!!!

Hello Everyone!

Our Indiegogo campaign is officially closed and although we did not reach our intended goal we are very pleased with the support that we received. The results of this campaign has softened the blow on the printing expenses for the BROTHERMAN: REVELATION Graphic Novel. Our entire team is still very busy working on completing our production so that we can release Book One by our Fall 2015 deadline.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and we are confident that you will be happy with the end product when it is completed. We are still in need of support and there are many who have asked if they can still help so we have enabled our own donation button at the bottom of the homepage of this website. We do not have perks available however whatever amount you wish to contribute would help us to move forward so that we can build a sustainable business . .  not just make comics.

Once again thank you to all who have contributed to our Indiegogo campaign of 2015!



Please continue to support and share our campaign with friends and those who may find an interest in this project. The printing costs are extremely costly for the quality that we are looking to achieve and for the quantity of books that we will need to fulfill our audience. 


We also want to do a huge marketing and promotional campaign. In addition, we are sacrificing working on outside projects in order to complete this mission which is financially taxing but necessary at this juncture in time.


This is an exciting time for us at Big City Entertainment and we are ecstatic with how the art is looking so far. Thanks to all of our supporters who have gotten us this far!!






The creative team behind the critically acclaimed comic books series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline announced today that it will be launching a seed crowd funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform for the highly anticipated graphic novel, 
Brotherman-Revelation, effective April 6, 2015. The company is targeting to raise up to US$ 150,000 for production,marketing, and distribution, scheduled to reach the masses in Fall 2015.

Brotherman-Revelation is a three-part book series which will average 100 pages per book. The script and illustrative action, combined with a confluence of humor, drama, classic soul, and fantasy, bringing to the reader emotions and experiences far beyond the typical comic book fare. The Brotherman comic series became an international sensation and revolutionized the comic book industry in the early 90’s.  After selling nearly a million copies independently, the story-line was brought to a sudden halt.  In the 15 years that ensued, the team mastered the art of reinvention, reorganization, and re-commitment to the fans, the art, and the message carried on the shoulder of Big City Entertainment. Revelation is poised to re-take the comic book world by storm, delivering a story and style all its own.

Emmy Award Winner, Dawud Anyabwile is the creator and illustrator of the Brotherman Comics series which was conceptualized in 1989 and introduced at the NYC Black Expo in May 1990.  He and his brothers teamed up to produce the Brotherman comics series which is recognized as the spark for the current, modern day Black Comics/Superhero movement.

Guy A. Sims is the principle writer for the Brotherman series. He is also the author of The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim and the critically acclaimed novel, Living Just A Little.

 Master colorist, Brian McGee, illustrator and art director, has a storied career working with industry giants such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Turner/Cartoon Network, Viacom/MTV and Sony Pictures to name a few.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

Guy A. Sims

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